Pre wedding Questionnaire

Thank you for completing these questions, it’s designed so the flow of your day runs smoothly and I know exactly what you are expecting from me. I hope the process is as painless as possible but if not please send me some feedback as I’m always looking for ways to improve my services.

Client 1 (name) *
Client 1 (name)
Client 2 (name) *
Client 2 (name)
Please list approximately 8 formal group shots you would like. Please include the amount of people that will be in each group. (e.g. : Bride's immediate family - 6 people, mum, dad, brother, sister in law and 2 nephews) I recommend that you keep this list as low as possible to prevent you having to hang around waiting for guests on your wedding day. Please get in touch to discuss any questions or ideas you may have.
Please tell me if there are any special shots you do not want me to miss.
This would be a blog within a year after the wedding. You can look at previous blogs on my website to have an idea of what to expect.