You are likely to have heard of GDPR by now, standing for General Data Protection Regulation and in force in the UK from May and is what protects your privacy of your data.


So what does it mean for me as a small photography business?

1. Where I hold and store information about you. 

You would have gotten in touch with me via email, Facebook, instagram or by phone after being recommended by a friend, seeing a promotional ad or finding my website. To do my job I need to know who you are, how to contact you and if you are booking a shoot for your children I will ask how old they are. This helps me prepare for the shoot and make sure we don't lose touch. This information is kept securely on my password encrypted computer and is not shared with anyone. I will use your information to contact you prior to the shoot to discuss and confirm and will hold onto it until you have chosen, paid for and received your images. After this I may delete your contact details or you can opt in to receive any info on any future offers or deals (usually twice a year). At any time after opting in you can request that your contact details are deleted and they will be. Your photos will be shown to you as proofs and to download from a specialist gallery called Pixieset. To access the gallery you are required to input an email address. Pixieset will store your email address for as long as the gallery is live. Once deleted all your information will disapear. Pixieset is GDPR complient.


2. Storing Your Images

Your images are recored at the shoot on a memory card inside the camera. To process these raw images I transfer them to a hard drive which is linked to my password encrypted computer. They are backed up onto another hard drive which is locked away in my office. When I go through your images I only keep the best and then start editing them. Once edited they are converted into Jpegs and sent to you via Pixieset Gallery to choose. Once you have chosen and paid I upload your wanted jpegs to the gallery for you to download. I then delete the raw files and only store the edited jpegs. I will store all the jpegs that I have edited whether they have been chosen or not on my main hard drive. Reasons for this are mainly for me to use them with your permission at a later date for marketing. I do not guarantee back up of your chosen jpegs and do not store your images as a back up option for you. It is your responsibility to make sure you back up your downloads and do not lose them. I suggest you save them in a few different places, including an online or cloud system as well as on a hard drive / usb.

2. Spam Mail

You won't get any spam mail from me. I don't do mail outs. If I contact you it will be about your shoot and that's all. If I decide in the future to set up an email marketing system you will be fully informed and invited to be added, rather than added automatically. You have complete control.


3. Use of Images: Facebook, Instagram, Website

When you arrive for your shoot I will talk through GDPR with you and explain what happens with your personal data. I will ask your permission to use your images for marketing, including my website, instagram or Facebook. If you agree then I will present you with a form to sign which clearly shows your agreeability to opt in for me to use your images for either one of the marketing avenues or all 3. However there maybe some images within a gallery that you won't want shared so I will always ask you again whether it is ok to use a particular photo. You can opt out at any time but images posted on social media are beyond my control. To opt out you must tell me and can do this by telephone, text, email or Facebook messenger. Contact me on


4. Model Calls & Competition Winners

Competition winners or model calls that choose to opt out of images being used for marketing purposes will be liable to a session fee and costs of any complimentary products received.


That's all, any questions please ask.