Jemma's surprise 40th birthday party

Well what do you give a girl for her birthday that has everything she could possibly wish for? A surprise party with all her closest friends and family of course. I was one of the close friends that attended last Saturday and as my own 'big birthday' was last October (got spoilt rotten by Jemma and friends), I was struggling with what to give her that didn't 'copy' what she gave me. I searched my brain (doesn't take long) and decided to offer a Photo Booth at the party. 

Knowing Jemma well, having lived with her for 3 years through University I knew she would love it. She loves a bit of cheese and she won't mind me saying it. So, although I've only done one of these before I went through my wardrobe and managed to find a huge box of fancy dress hats, glasses, wigs and a whole load of inflatable props. Grabbed the studio lights and a back drop and I was set.

Almost didn't make it and got lost trying to find Tredegar Constitutional Club in Newport as it's tucked away on a residential street, blending in so well to the houses. Great little venue for a party like this and the food was amazing. Click here if you want to be directed to their Facebook page.

Jemma was truly surprised, even her 2 young children had kept the secret. And yes, of course, there were tears..

One of the loveliest things about being able to photograph Jemma's party was catching up with lots of her friends and family I haven't seen for many years. In particular it was great to chat to Pat & Jan who haven't aged a day, and to see the girls again. 

Here are some of my favourite pictures of the evening (non booth):

Once the Photo Booth opened I was amazed at how much the children LOVED it. It took the adults ages to warm up but the kids just got straight into it. As a result I'm going to start offering booths at children's birthday parties... ideal for fancy dress, superhero, princess etc.. 

So here are the booth pictures... utter craziness but so much fun. I hope that everyone who took part enjoyed themselves. DJ by Paul Driscoll, click here for his Facebook page. Great music for all age ranges. 

Get in touch if you'd like any copies of the images. Each image has been cropped to a square just for this blog. Also I haven't included all the pictures of the children as I didn't know who they were to ask for your permission.